I cannot recommend Ree highly enough. Originally I presented with a really bad shoulder and, after only a couple of treatments, my shoulder has completely recovered. And then I had a really bad fall and landed hard on my knees and really pulled the muscles in my ribs. I went to see Ree as I was in so much pain from the ribs that I was speaking gobbledegook to her but she managed make sense of the Swahili I was speaking. I have had several treatments and am well on the road to a complete recovery. Then today she started on my feet which have been totally ruined by years of dance. Oh my goodness, I limped into her room and almost danced out. I suffer all the time from bad feet particularly in the heat but today was a revelation. If you have bad feet, bad back, bad knees or sore shoulders, book in to see her. She is just wonderful

J.Britten, Arboleas, August 2018

Ree cured my long term back and neck/shoulder in three sessions. I had tried everything up until then. Recommend her 100%. Lovely lady as well.

J.Thompson, Zujar, October 2018


Having suffered back pain that I’d never experienced before, Ree carried out a thorough discussion and examination. After diagnosing the problem, time was taken in each session to provide treatment and discuss progress. Each session saw improvement and various exercises were suggested as well as improvements at home. I felt at ease and very comfortable in each session and this credit to Ree’s extensive knowledge and persona.

Nathan Bannister

I chose to visit an Osteopath as a last resort because I was having almost unbearable headaches and chiropractors and physiotherapists had not been able to bring lasting relief. From the moment I met Ree I knew that I was being diagnosed by an expert. She took time to understand my symptoms and then treated me with great care. I never felt as though she was rushing and the results have been excellent – my regular headaches have gone and I am free from neck pain for the first time in many years. Thank you Ree!


I sought Ree’s help when after coughing so much I trapped a nerve from my back down my leg. Miracle worker is all I can say. After only one 30 minute session I could stand straight and walk without limping. Very friendly and highly professional service.


I can’t recommend Ree highly enough. She has treated me for various back and shoulder problems. Her treatment has always been ‘spot on’ and always very gentle -and very effective!!She has always provided excellent advice and been there for a friendly chat! Her professional standards are very high. Spain’s gain is our loss!!!


My scoliosis of 20 years plus was getting very painful & disabling.  Ree was very professional, patient, understanding, kind & sensitive.  I found much relief after my treatment & can now manage my scoliosis with regular visits.  I shall always be grateful to Ree for making my life less painful, giving me back my ‘normal’ life. Thank you Ree.

My husband went to Ree for neck, back & leg pain.  He is very satisfied with his treatment, which together with the recommended exercises has helped to relieve & control the pain.  We both agree that her 5 star, professional treatment is highly recommended.

We wish her all the best in her new life abroad, we will miss her. 


I have been seeing Ree for a neck and shoulder problem. She has always been gentle, explaining what she is about to do, with very detailed knowledge in what exactly the problem is or could be. Her manner is very calm and friendly with often soothing treatments. Along with exercises at home which she gave me, my problem has improved significantly. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.


A whole body understanding which means time is taken to understand what is the root cause of the issue and then excellent treatment technically to assist putting things right.

Also never rushed and time generally taken to ensure you leave feeling mentally and physically better than when you arrived.

Highly recommended.


I have had pain in my shoulders & neck for a while so decided to see Ree, thankfully this was a good thing. We first had a chat about why I was there and then she asked me to do a few simple movements to see where my problems were.
After this she told me she could help my shoulder and neck pain. She was very calming and gentle, plus she told what she was going to be doing before she did it so put me at ease and I felt comfortable.
After working on my shoulders Ree said that I would feel a lot better if she could manipulate my neck. I was a little apprehensive about this. Ree explained if I didn’t feel happy with her doing this no problem.
After some thought I decided to let her go ahead. She was very gentle in stretching my neck slowly then a quick twist one side then the same the other. I must say it felt strange, I heard a click when it happened on both sides, but I felt so much better afterwards.
But as Ree said, it has to be with someone who is trained professionally. I was very pleased with my consultation & treatment with Ree I would definitely recommend her.