Highly recommended, a most professional treatment. Have been suffering with severe shoulder pain for over 9 months. I was persuaded to go and see Ree, after the very first session the pain level had been reduced to half of what it was. Having been twice more since my movement has improved no end and the pain generally is nothing, remembering not to over do things is the problem now.

So if you’re suffering with pain in your shoulders, hips, legs or wherever pay Ree a visit. The doctor told me it was just old age and prescribed pain killers after seeing an X-Ray.

Don’t be put off you will be pleased with the results I’m sure, I am.

P. Langley-May, Castillejar, October 2020

Highly recommend Osteo Maestra. Have had back and neck issues for a while and they have been improved massively since going to see Ree.

A. Booth, Galera, August 2020.

In 2019 I went to Ree for treatment to my shoulder that I injured while fly-fishing! My shoulder was so painful that I had a job to move my arm and had lost quite a range of movement. I visited Ree on five or six occasions, each time the treatment received made my shoulder better. I left Spain after the treatment and returned to the UK. I had always been keen on Karate, but found it almost impossible to train with the pain from my shoulder. After Ree’s treatment I managed to return to my Karate and attain my First Dan Black belt. This would have been impossible without the treatment from Ree. I highly recommend anyone that is in similar pain to visit Ree. Thanks for your help.

A. Palmer, United Kingdom, June 2020

I have just finished a course of treatment. I originally contacted Ree as she had treated my wife. The first appointment was a comprehensive question session about medical history and my health issues. I had injured my shoulder in hospital and it looked like i had a tear in my rotator cuff. I had very limited movement in my left arm and shoulder and was in pain. Ree worked on my arm and shoulder and gradually the pain went and I have much better strength and movement back. she also identified an issue from a previous car accident. Ree knows her stuff, is totally professional and in these Covid times does everything safely and by the book. She is also a kind and gently person. I would recommend her to anyone who has problems with muscles, ligaments bones, etc. Thank you for your help and good luck for the future.

L. John, Partaloa, August 2020

Ree Hyde is an amazing osteopath, and I have use osteopaths in the UK and here for many years as on-going issues for me, and Ree is one of the best. Both myself and hubby have been treated by Ree, she screams excellence….So qualified and a wonderful person to boot. Highly recommend her and will continue to use her whether local or further afield…A great asset.

P. Stannard, La Alfoquia, August 2020

Two weeks ago I ‘over-exercised’ in the gym, leaving me with a very painful back. I was taking maximum strength painkillers and could not sleep. After the first session with Ree I felt 100 times better and, whilst still in some discomfort, I was able to reduce my painkillers significantly and was able to sleep. The second session a few days later relieved my back even further, to the extent that I no longer needed painkillers and was virtually pain free. I was even able to get back to doing gentle exercise in the gym. My third session a week later focussed on more general problems with my back and I am now totally pain free and back in the gym – must remember not to over-do it anymore! So, within two weeks of meeting Ree I am back to normal. My great thanks to Ree for her kindness and professsionalism. I can highly recommend Ree and certainly know where to go if I have any further problems.

Thank you Ree.

Paul, La Alfoquia, August 2019

I had a bad fall in January (2019) and ‘damaged’ both arms from my finger tips to above the elbow. After a couple of weeks of pain and being housebound as I couldn’t drive, I made an appointment to see Ree at my gym in Arboleas. Even after 1 visit I had so much more movement and so much less pain. After a second visit a week later, I was, to all intents, ‘cured’. I had a third visit 2 weeks later and by then I had no pain and no issues with anything. I think the word I am looking for is ‘brilliant’. Such a lovely lady and such healing hands. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone in pain or with movement issues.

P. Balkwill, Arboleas, March 2019

I had been suffering from pain around my hip for weeks . I was convinced I had a serious hip problem . When I first saw Ree she quickly diagnosed the real problem and three visits later I’m fixed and free of pain . Fantastic service by a true professional.

S.Lane, Arboleas, February 2019

I have suffered from shoulder pain for a long time due to osteoarthritis. Some 6 months ago the pain reached my neck so severe that I could not move my head. After 5 sessions with Ree my neck and shoulder has improved a good 75%. Whist I am still in some pain it’s nothing compared to what it was. Thank you Ree.

K. Simpson, La Alfoquia. May 2018

Very professional and incredible knowledge of the body. I never expected to be out of pain in 30 minutes. An knee injury that was done 6 months old and getting worse was so quickly rectified.

P. Read-Kenny, Albox. May 2018