Welcome to the  Osteo Maestra Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture website. Here you can find out everything you need to know about Ree Hyde, UK registered Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist now entering her third year of practice here in Southern Spain.






Ree’s Arboleas clinic, just recently moved to fantastic new premises at Calle Almería, 5, opposite the Arboleas Town Hall, has been a great success over the last two years, with so many people being helped out of pain and back to doing all the things they love to do. In addition to this, in 2020, Ree opened another fully equipped clinic in Galera, providing the same highly professional, patient-centred Osteopathic care, to the people of the Altiplano de Granada and surrounding areas.

Further to this, to provide even easier access to the benefits of Osteo Maestra for those of you living in coastal Almeria, Ree now has an additional clinic in Mojácar.

Take a look through the testimonial pages from the menu above to read some of the comments from the many people who have been helped back to living their lives to the full, free from discomfort and pain.

If you’re here the chances are that either you, or someone you know is in pain. The following pages will help you to find out a little more about Osteopathy, how it could get you, or your loved ones, out of pain, improve your life, and what to expect from your first visit to one of the Osteo Maestra Clinics

The Osteo Maestra clinics offer Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Sports Injury care.

As we enter the ‘New Normal’ here in Spain, of course there are going to be some changes for us all to contend with, some of which, I think, we’re already becoming used to.

Given that we are still right in the middle of a global pandemic, Osteo Maestra, like all responsible Osteopathy clinics around the world, has implemented a programme of  changes, designed to maximise patient safety, and will continue to closely follow all developments to ensure that the regimen we follow remains completely up to date and scientifically sound.

Please have a look at our Covid 19 page to see how Osteo Maestra is managing infection control to create a safe environment.

In 2019 I went to Ree for treatment to my shoulder that I injured while fly-fishing! My shoulder was so painful that I had a job to move my arm and had lost quite a range of movement. I visited Ree on five or six occasions, each time the treatment received made my shoulder better. I left Spain after the treatment and returned to the UK. I had always been keen on Karate, but found it almost impossible to train with the pain from my shoulder. After Ree’s treatment I managed to return to my Karate and attain my First Dan Black belt. This would have been impossible without the treatment from Ree. I highly recommend anyone that is in similar pain to visit Ree. Thanks for your help.

A. Palmer, United Kingdom, June 2020

I have just finished a course of treatment. I originally contacted Ree as she had treated my wife. The first appointment was a comprehensive question session about medical history and my health issues. I had injured my shoulder in hospital and it looked like i had a tear in my rotator cuff. I had very limited movement in my left arm and shoulder and was in pain. Ree worked on my arm and shoulder and gradually the pain went and I have much better strength and movement back. she also identified an issue from a previous car accident. Ree knows her stuff, is totally professional and in these Covid times does everything safely and by the book. She is also a kind and gently person. I would recommend her to anyone who has problems with muscles, ligaments bones, etc. Thank you for your help and good luck for the future.

L. John, Partaloa, August 2020