Went yesterday for the first time, very professional. Highly recommend!

J. Rees, Arboleas – June 2022

What amazing talent we have in our town. Ree our local Osteopath is amazing, wish I’d gone sooner instead of suffering!

B. Beaumont-More, Arboleas – June 2022

Ree has really helped me with my trapped nerves. She is so professional and a lovely lady. My pain has reduced significantly.

D. Parmenter, Arboleas – June 2022

I have had 2 sessions with Ree, after she helped my daughter with her back problems. I couldn’t move my neck a lot and had difficulty looking up to the sky. I also suffer with back and other problems. My neck is now wonderful and I can look around without feeling it, my back is much improved, and she even helped my feet!! Highly recommend.

C. Shirley, Albox – June 2022

I highly recommend Ree! She does a wonderful job in a very professional manner. She is gentle and sensible. Not after your money but for you to be comfortable and happy with your aches and pains.

I. Hanuss, Arboleas – May 2022

FIRST CLASS SERVICE. Thanks Ree for your professional, courteous service/treatment. Made to feel very at ease. From a painful injury to the spine, to feeling great again in quick time. Would highly recommend

K. Wykes, Arboleas – May 2022

I am very impressed and extremely grateful that after one session with Ree, my back, groin, glutes and leg feel so much better, with a huge reduction in pain. As I live with Fibromyalgia, Ree was very gentle, but effective in her manipulation. Also due to my Fibro, I was apprehensive in making an appointment having experienced Osteopathy in the UK years previously. I needn’t have worried. I was immediately put at my ease with Ree’s friendly professionalism. Would highly recommend Ree.

T. Exton, Hu├ęscar – May 2022

I am speechless! Just after one session…..Ree, you have not only knowledge but a magic touch as well!!! Tendinitis on both shoulders, aches and numbness, trapped nerves on your joints giving you electric shock like pains and discomfort to the point that even breathing feels like a painful journey??? Well, forget all of them. Ree has the cure and the know how to cure you! I am ever so grateful for discovering you and your clinic Ree! You are a gem! Many thanks!

Mona – Arboleas, May 2022

Just finished a course of treatment with Ree in Arboleas, for a very painful shoulder. Couldn’t even drive…….now thinking of taking up tennis! LOL. Thanks.

P. Jenkins – Arboleas, May 2022

Ree was recommended to me by 2 friends. When I first arrived there I was in unbelievable pain to the point I could barely put one foot in front of the other, sleep was a distant memory. Ree spent time talking to me, asking me questions etc. then she worked some magic! I found after my first session I could actually stand up straight instead of being hunched over. The difference was incredible, I went back a week later feeling so much better. I can not recommend Ree highly enough, a lovely lady, highly professional, and an excellent Osteopath. I will definitely be back for a maintenance check, or before if I need to. Thank you so much Ree.

S. Vallis – Orce, April 2022