I had a bad fall in January (2019) and ‘damaged’ both arms from my finger tips to above the elbow. After a couple of weeks of pain and being housebound as I couldn’t drive, I made an appointment to see Ree at my gym in Arboleas. Even after 1 visit I had so much more movement and so much less pain. After a second visit a week later, I was, to all intents, ‘cured’. I had a third visit 2 weeks later and by then I had no pain and no issues with anything. I think the word I am looking for is ‘brilliant’. Such a lovely lady and such healing hands. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone in pain or with movement issues.

P. Balkwill, Arboleas, March 2019

I had been suffering from pain around my hip for weeks . I was convinced I had a serious hip problem . When I first saw Ree she quickly diagnosed the real problem and three visits later I’m fixed and free of pain . Fantastic service by a true professional.

S.Lane, Arboleas, February 2019

I have suffered from shoulder pain for a long time due to osteoarthritis. Some 6 months ago the pain reached my neck so severe that I could not move my head. After 5 sessions with Ree my neck and shoulder has improved a good 75%. Whist I am still in some pain it’s nothing compared to what it was. Thank you Ree.

K. Simpson, La Alfoquia. May 2018

Very professional and incredible knowledge of the body. I never expected to be out of pain in 30 minutes. An knee injury that was done 6 months old and getting worse was so quickly rectified.

P. Read-Kenny, Albox. May 2018

After just two visits problem I had in my in my right cheek (bum) I can now walk without pain. Wish I had gone sooner! Would highly recommend Ree at Osteo Maestra Osteopathy.

E. Giles, Arboleas. June 2018

After suffering with lower back pain for years and having endless anti-inflammatory pills, painkillers, wrong diagnoses and physiotherapy, I decided to pay a visit to Ree. Just four sessions later I am able to bend down to tie my shoelaces without propping my leg onto a stool or the sofa for the first time in an age! My back pain had all but gone, I feel rested as I sleep through the night instead of tossing and turning and getting up from a chair is once again an easy task. Ree diagnosed me in the very first consult and the treatment was spot on from there. A big thumbs up from me!

K. Parker-Doyle, Oria. June 2018

I have suffered for years with back pain but this year started badly and went downhill until I was fortunate enough to have treatment from Ree. Excellent results from my first visit, walking in twisted and bent and walking out standing up straight, in addition over my next few visits Ree has given me an understanding of the cause of my pain and how to help myself to minimise it. Very professional and very effective treatment, I have no hesitation in giving my recommendation.

J.Shaw, Almanzora Valley. July 2018

For anyone who is in pain this woman is amazing. Don’t think about going do it, I have suffered for a year with my shoulder in pain and after only a few treatments I am pain free for the first time in a long time. So highly recommended is she we take all our clients to her that may need treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

D. Reilly, Boot Camp Spain. July 2018

My husband has had two appointments so far with Ree Hyde for a problem with his back. After each appointment he has felt better for a little longer. He has his third appointment tomorrow. We can’t recommend Ree highly enough for her professionalism, knowledge and skill.

C.Gorman, Bedar, August 2018

I cannot recommend Ree highly enough. Originally I presented with a really bad shoulder and, after only a couple of treatments, my shoulder has completely recovered. And then I had a really bad fall and landed hard on my knees and really pulled the muscles in my ribs. I went to see Ree as I was in so much pain from the ribs that I was speaking gobbledegook to her but she managed make sense of the Swahili I was speaking. I have had several treatments and am well on the road to a complete recovery. Then today she started on my feet which have been totally ruined by years of dance. Oh my goodness, I limped into her room and almost danced out. I suffer all the time from bad feet particularly in the heat but today was a revelation. If you have bad feet, bad back, bad knees or sore shoulders, book in to see her. She is just wonderful

J.Britten, Arboleas, August 2018