Paul, La Alfoquia, August 2019

Two weeks ago I ‘over-exercised’ in the gym, leaving me with a very painful back. I was taking maximum strength painkillers and could not sleep. After the first session with Ree I felt 100 times better and, whilst still in some discomfort, I was able to reduce my painkillers significantly and was able to sleep. The second session a few days later relieved my back even further, to the extent that I no longer needed painkillers and was virtually pain free. I was even able to get back to doing gentle exercise in the gym. My third session a week later focussed on more general problems with my back and I am now totally pain free and back in the gym – must remember not to over-do it anymore! So, within two weeks of meeting Ree I am back to normal. My great thanks to Ree for her kindness and professsionalism. I can highly recommend Ree and certainly know where to go if I have any further problems.

Thank you Ree.