I have had pain in my shoulders & neck for a while so decided to see Ree, thankfully this was a good thing. We first had a chat about why I was there and then she asked me to do a few simple movements to see where my problems were.
After this she told me she could help my shoulder and neck pain. She was very calming and gentle, plus she told what she was going to be doing before she did it so put me at ease and I felt comfortable.
After working on my shoulders Ree said that I would feel a lot better if she could manipulate my neck. I was a little apprehensive about this. Ree explained if I didn’t feel happy with her doing this no problem.
After some thought I decided to let her go ahead. She was very gentle in stretching my neck slowly then a quick twist one side then the same the other. I must say it felt strange, I heard a click when it happened on both sides, but I felt so much better afterwards.
But as Ree said, it has to be with someone who is trained professionally. I was very pleased with my consultation & treatment with Ree I would definitely recommend her.