J.Britten, Arboleas, August 2018

I cannot recommend Ree highly enough. Originally I presented with a really bad shoulder and, after only a couple of treatments, my shoulder has completely recovered. And then I had a really bad fall and landed hard on my knees and really pulled the muscles in my ribs. I went to see Ree as I was in so much pain from the ribs that I was speaking gobbledegook to her but she managed make sense of the Swahili I was speaking. I have had several treatments and am well on the road to a complete recovery. Then today she started on my feet which have been totally ruined by years of dance. Oh my goodness, I limped into her room and almost danced out. I suffer all the time from bad feet particularly in the heat but today was a revelation. If you have bad feet, bad back, bad knees or sore shoulders, book in to see her. She is just wonderful